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Why are your prices higher than one of the chains? - True Massage Therapy is designed for people who are experiencing pain or discomfort and are seeking relief that recent massage therapy graduates are not yet experienced enough to provide. There is a strong focus on listening in order to provide an individual massage tailored to you specifically.

How long is a massage at True Massage Therapy?
-  There is a firm belief that you should get what you pay for. Therefore, if you schedule a 60 minute massage, you will receive 60 minutes of hands on service.  Other corporate massage businesses advertise a one hour massage but take away the check-in, consultation, and check out times, you are left with only 50 minutes or less of actual hands on service. Unfortunately, many high end spas are going this route as well.  Here focus is on quality, not quantity.

What should I tip? -  Most places say that 15%-20% is customary.  While tips are most certainly appreciated, the focus here is medically based so tips are not expected.  It would be more beneficial to your bodies healing process if you applied that would be tip towards your next maintenance appointment.


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